I wonder what this will do for hot flashes?  Perhaps you might see more of the female gender sporting these...if it works, it could be well worth the money!  BD

COOLINE - invest in better performance COOLINE mimics and supports the temperature regulation of the human body with its perspiration and cooling by evaporating sweat. In this way, COOLINE overcomes the body's own limitations. However, the high tech fleece in COOLINE is in a position to bind several times its own weight of water. The water then escapes by evaporation, not by mechanical pressure. The result is evaporation cooling to cool the body. The COOLINE vest does not cover the kidney area for medical reasons. The functional fibers of the high tech fleece are convenient to wear and are absolutely dry on the outside. They cool down the area of the cardiovascular system on the upper body mostly affected by thermal stress. The COOLINE system is designed for professional use. The climatic cabinet COOLBOXX® provides fully automatic activation and control and ensures that the COOLINE vests are ready for use 24 hours a day. Just Stay Cool Irrespective of the environmental temperature you keep cool and therefore have better conditions for health, concentration and performance. As a result of the physical principle of evaporation cooling, COOLINE cools more intensively at higher temperatures and less intensively at low temperatures. This produces optimal cooling at all times. COOLINE also absorbs the body's own perspiration, thereby also promoting the body's own cooling system. Dependent on the ambient temperature, the cooling effect is maintained for hours up to several days and is therefore suitable for any period of work and deployment.


Hat Tip:  Gizmag


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