Good news here for the hospitals as they need newer advanced equipment as well as new routers to handle all the security levels with patient information and access for the physicians.  Access is nice, but security is job #1 with medical information.  BD

Cisco Systems is best known for selling routers and switches to telecommunications companies, but its strongest sales growth these days comes from an area that seldom gets much attention: hospitals. Cisco has sold routers and switches to hospitals and insurance companies for years, but in 2005, it created a business segment focusing on health care. Since then, it has launched a wide range of equipment designed for hospitals.

Cisco plans to tie up with even more device makers. "What we don't want to be is a medical-device company or a medical-advice company," Rideout said. "But we want to help it work."

Cisco sees growth as more hospitals go high-tech | Tech News on ZDNet


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