This, too, is in response to Al Puerini's letter where he wonders why electronic health records have not been widely adopted by the healthcare industry compared with other industries. In his letter, he says, "Let's ask the airline industry if they could even exist without computerized record-keeping. Let's talk to UPS and FedEx and see if they think computerizing their industry has made a difference. How about the banking industry? Has it added to their efficiencies?" UPS and FedEx don't share database information ... banks aren't willing to blend all their customers into one database ... and try to get TWA to tell you about your Northwest travel plans. No, like the LG Electronics Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player, it doesn't care which format you prefer ... it plays both. The company that can adapt and translate any health record format will be the front-runner in establishing a baseline for electronic health records data.

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