Support and training...#1 with medical records these days and this company seems to be banking on it with the offer of free what good is the program if nobody knows how to use it and never trains...we have come a long way since the days where we picked up our AOL disc at the store and went online immediately..things are much more complicated these days...thus support has to be right up there.  BD

They plan to make money from doctors by selling additional tech-support (email help is free) and a host of analytical tools that let doctors compare their patients and practices to those of peers and competitors.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah August 29, 2007 RemedyMD®, Inc., the market leader in the use of predictive informatics in healthcare, today announced a major new initiative to dramatically accelerate improved outcomes in healthcare. Starting September 1, RemedyMD will offer free licenses for its market-proven, specialty-specific Electronic Health Records and practice management software to its ambulatory practices and their patients. Offering physicians and their patients the opportunity to use RemedyMDs software at no charge will dramatically increase the number of practices who collect data electronically instead of using paper charts.


RemedyMD® SpecialtyEHR", Investigate", and Patient Portal.


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