This is a huge jump from 44% to 69% being dissatisfied with health care in California...did Sicko have some influence after all?  BD

(08-22) 04:00 PDT Sacramento -- - As voter dissatisfaction with the state's health care system grows, increasing interest is emerging in moving to a state-run, single-payer program, according to a Field Poll released today. For years, a single-payer system had been the favorite of a small but loyal minority, but the new poll shows that 36 percent of California voters now favor replacing the current employer-based system with one operated by the state - a jump of 12 percent since December.

In December, DiCamillo pointed out, the poll found 51 percent of voters were satisfied with the way health care worked in California, with 44 percent dissatisfied.

Today, only 28 percent said they are satisfied with health care in California and 69 percent are dissatisfied. He also noted that the number of voters who said they are very dissatisfied has more than doubled since December - from 20 percent to 42 percent.

Poll shows more Californians favoring single-payer health care


  1. if you don't mind a DMV mentality to your health care and if you don't mind having some government bureaucrat determining what you pay and what gets covered or not covered then support a single payer system. the current system is far from perfect but a single payer system in the hands of politicans would be a nightmare.

  2. I think the entire matter here is just getting someone to pay the bill, whether it's revamping our current structure to limit the amount of profit that can be made from health care or using a entirely new system..all eyes are certainly watching California though.


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