Family Practice makes an interesting transition...interesting story from the Boston Globe and thus far there are 2 parts, complete with story and vides with patient responses and what lengths it takes to make this type of transition...I believe part 3 should be out next week.  So far he still has the practice and most of the patients...the story might also serve to sell a lot of papers and gather additional readers as well...don't know how I would feel if in the same shoes as some of the patients though..many different reactions.  BD

But as this exam was winding down, it was the doctor who chose to do the confiding. Peering over the glasses resting on the tip of his nose, he told Foster there was going to be a major change in the practice in about a month. A letter would soon be going out to all his patients, but he wanted to give Foster advance notice.

From the seriousness in his doctor’s voice, Foster sensed he was about to tell him he was moving to California or retiring early or leaving medicine. He had built up so much trust in the guy that he dreaded the prospect of losing him.

"I’m going to be transitioning to live my life as a woman," the doctor said.

Foster was floored. He stared at Berkowitz-Shelton, and for the first time noticed that he was not just cleanshaven but now appeared to be devoid of facial hair. This was no joke. Foster struggled to come up with an appropriate response. But his first thought was how some of the tougher townies he grew up with in Somerville might have responded had they been sitting on the exam table, wearing the johnny. Would they have just punched him in the nose? Foster put that thought aside and said, "That’s interesting. How are your peers taking the news?"

A Family Doctor's Journey From Man to Woman - The Boston Globe


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