This looks to have real possibilities and yet simple and easy to use.  These same folks also make devices (phones) that can help you use Skype, the free Internet voice over IP calling system.    Blue tooth is alive and well and here to stay in health care too!  BD

RTX Healthcare announced a 510k market clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use the RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor in the US. The Telehealth Monitor is a wireless device designed specifically to improve the provision of healthcare to elderly patients outside hospitals suffering from chronic diseases.

RTX3370 - The RTX Telehealth Monitor Sends the data directly to your Clinical Information System The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor is an interactive and simple to use device, designed specifically to improve the way of providing healthcare to patients outside hospitals suffering from chronic diseases such as heart failure, COPD and diabetes.


  • Low cost solution
  • Large easily readable color display
  • Audio for patient interaction
  • Bluetooth, serial and IrDA interface for peripheral vital sign monitors  

The device has a large easy-to-read display and large buttons. It is designed for the 60+ target group with simplicity and usability as important targets.

Telehealth Monitor


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