One man's opinion and information on how to sort out what is he states things are just so very confusing these days, "it takes a PhD to figure it out" is difficult these days to sort all of this information as it appears to change very frequently as well.  BD

Arthur Pitts sat in a plastic lawn chair waiting to pick up prescriptions from The Village Pharmacy in Waynesville Monday afternoon (March 13). At 73, he is one of the nations many Medicare subscribers. His coverage comes through a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, which he says has been fairly reliable so far. However, Pitts has yet to sign up for prescription drug coverage.

You have to have a PhD to figure it out, he said.

“Thousands, thousands,” said Floyd Rogers, an insurance broker at Haywood Insurance Services Inc. in Waynesville, of the number of people who have yet to enroll due to confusion.

Pitts, the 73-year-old Medicare customer who has yet to sign up for prescription drug coverage, said that while he has a computer, a Medicare Web site wasn’t the answer.

“I wouldn’t know what online was,” Pitts said.

The Smoky Mountain News


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