Interesting story about the most popular and famous plastic surgeon...he has a few suits following him as well...BD

Brad Jacobs calls himself "one of the most famous plastic surgeons in history." At his clinic on the Upper East Side, he's performed thousands of breast-augmentation and liposuction procedures, and his patients reportedly include Playboy Playmate Courtney Culkin and Playboy cover girl Monica Leigh. Last year, he expanded his practice to include a new specialty in reshaping buttocks at his "Star Butts" clinic. For $11,000, patients reshaped their asses to resemble the behinds of Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, or Paris Hilton. Jacobs received his medical degree from McGill University, which his lawyer calls "the Harvard of Canada." He's a family man with a wife and a son and a house on Long Island. He's also at the center of one of New York's most sensational medical-malpractice scandals in recent history. Over the course of the last eight years, Jacobs has settled or lost at least 26 malpractice lawsuits filed against him, and more are working their way through the courts. In late June, the state Department of Health suspended his license to practice medicine, and Jacobs is now fighting to save his career. State medical investigators have charged him with a wide range of misconduct, including giving his patients boob jobs that were much bigger than they requested, failing to treat a patient's abscess after surgery, humiliating a patient by undressing her post-operative wounds in front of Jacobs's then girlfriend, and removing too much cartilage from a patient's nose during rhinoplasty. In the most shocking case, state investigators claim that Jacobs smoked crystal meth with one of his patients, had sex with her while she was recuperating from a nose job, and ultimately deformed her face

village voice > news > Plastic Surgeon to the Scars by Chris Thompson

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