In this case it was a life saver and he is now a patient for 2 specialists after the visit...BD

CHICAGO - After three months of feeling lethargic with bouts of blurred vision, 65-year-old Jim Einsweiler walked into a clinic in his local Walgreens pharmacy, mostly, he said, to appease his wife. Hours later, he was in a cardiac care unit at a nearby hospital. He stayed for eight days and received three stents to prop open his arteries. I was a walking time bomb, he said.

She believes the clinics offer a door into the health system for patients like Einsweiler, who hadn’t seen a doctor for 20 years.

Einsweiler, who now has both a cardiologist and an internist, said he would go to his new doctors for most medical care, but he is grateful the clinic was there.

Controversy over retail store clinics - Health Care -


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