It calls for each state to lead the role with support from the federal government...BD 

WASHINGTON -- GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Friday released his principles for national healthcare reform but left out the linchpin of the plan he enacted as governor of Massachusetts: a requirement that individuals get coverage. That shift could help him win over conservative Republican primary voters, experts said. But if he succeeds in becoming the GOP nominee, he may have to zigzag back to his Massachusetts roots to appeal to independents and Democrats

Speaking to doctors in South Florida, Romney said he would encourage each state to seek its own solution to the problem of 45 million uninsured people in America.
The federal government would play a supporting role by offering tax breaks for individuals to purchase private insurance, granting governors more flexibility in using federal healthcare funds, overhauling the malpractice litigation system and making other changes.

Romney unveils healthcare reform plan - Los Angeles Times


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