Also, California has the 10th largest economy in the state...BD 

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a sweeping proposal in January to extend health insurance to all Californians, Democrats and reform advocates hailed it as the best opportunity in years to revamp a system notoriously resistant to change. Now, with just three weeks left in the legislative session, expectations are dimming by the day. Rather than joining the governor's call for shared sacrifice, lawmakers and interest groups are zeroing in on aspects of his plan they dislike, and there is no clear path to a middle ground. "We started in January with an amazing amount of hope," said Dustin Corcoran, a lobbyist for the California Medical Association, which opposes a key part of the governor's plan. "And now, here we are three weeks out from the end of the session, and the sides are farther apart than they ever were.

Whittier Daily News - Time running out for health care reform


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