Both sites feature a video for additional information as well.  Looks like a nice 6700 pocket pc phone being use for this demonstration.  More use of Windows Mobile devices and wireless blue tooth look very nice as well on the unit.   BD

If you think your heart rate-monitoring wristwatch is hot stuff, a homegrown creation from the Berkeley Institute of Design is apt to put that to shame. Dubbed the pervasive health monitoring system, this project involves a TI microcontroller, a Bluetooth interface, audio amplifier, and a trio of low power "instrumentation amplifiers," which creates an apparatus that can communicate wirelessly with your Windows Mobile-based handset (and PC, too). The device is rigged up to record ECG (heart rhythms), EMG (muscle tension), GSR (skin resistance), body temperature and movement information, and while we could certainly attempt to transcribe the creator, why not take a look at the informative video posted after the jump for all the data you could ever desire about this (admittedly fresh) invention.

DIY pervasive health monitor keeps tabs on your vitals - Engadget

Hat Tip:  Hack A Day


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