Is this still happening?  The article states the mission is still receiving 2 or 3 each week?  Bd

LOS ANGELES Police are investigating whether two more hospitals may have dumped patients on Skid Row, including a mentally ill man from Orange County who was left on the street without prescription medication. Both men were reportedly dropped off during the past week at the Union Rescue Mission, which provides food, shelter, clothing and other services to homeless people. "We have to determine if there was prior notification to the mission, the shelters, on whether there's availability for beds," police Capt. Jodi Wakefield told KABC-TV on Tuesday.

Mission officials said they received no notification the first man was coming and that the second man, who arrived from the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Los Angeles, made it clear to them he never wanted to be taken to the mission.

Although the number of people going from hospitals straight to downtown's Skid Row has decreased over the past year, Bales said the mission still receives two or three each week.

San Jose Mercury News - LAPD probing possible Skid Row patient dumping


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