One more new rule...who is going to do the inspections to be sure the outpatient surgery centers are compliant?  Is this a rule with out a budget to enforce?  Something to think about as I would rather see potential enforcement costs go direct to Medicare for claim payments instead...BD 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposed rule that will revise the requirements that ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) must meet in order to bill Medicare for services furnished to beneficiaries. This proposed rule would update the existing ASC Conditions for Coverage (CfC) to reflect contemporary standards of practice in the ASC community, as well as recommendations from the HHS Inspector General. The new requirements will promote and protect patient access to quality services in ASCs.

 ASCs are typically free-standing facilities that perform outpatient surgery. To participate in the Medicare program, they must meet Medicare's conditions for coverage. 

Medicare Proposes New Rules For ASCs That Serve Medicare Patients, USA


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