Health insurance flyers at the ball park...handed out with the beer and hot dogs...BD

CBS) When Massachusetts' experiment with universal health care began this year, one thing it did was save Henry Murphy's life. After developing heart trouble last year, he lost his job and his insurance. "They threw me to the wolves, and I thought that was wrong," he said. But now, under the new law, everyone must have health insurance. Henry qualified for state-subsidized coverage just in time.

That's why before every Red Sox game, beside the hot dogs and hamburgers, the state is pitching health care, aiming the pitch in person and up on Fenway Park's big screen at young men.

It's a tough sell because the cheapest family plan available, with drug coverage, is $662 a month. When Andrews talked to contractor Roger Thompson, there was no way.

It was hilarious to watch that stream of raving Red Sox fans juggling cheese dogs, tankers of beer-- and flyers for health insurance.

Health Care For All In Massachusetts?, Despite Landmark Universal Health Plan, Thousands Of People, Mostly Young, Are Still Uninsured - CBS News


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