It does exist...after all...BD

With the continuing attention given to women in menopause, and the controversy over whether men undergo a similar "change of life," there has been doubt as to whether male menopause actually exists. But The Endocrine Society, an international organization with 13,000 members from more than 85 countries, considers this a real enough problem to have issued a patient guide to what is also known as "androgen deficiency" in men. Society members specialize in the research and treatment of endocrine disorders. This gives them the scientific qualifications to make their opinions worth considering. The guide the society distributed was helped by a financial grant from Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Men who may lack sufficient testosterone, the male hormone, can experience a range of physical and emotional problems from erectile dysfunction to depression.

Not every man, even those with symptoms, should be treated.

Male menopause gets medical recognition | Features | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California


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