Construction_250The City of Corvallis, Oregon, has gone Tablet PC with its building permit process. Applications and payment in the process can now be done 24 hours a day. Designed to eliminate paperwork and save time and money, the on-line process allows residents to monitor the status of projects.

With the new PC tablets, inspection reports are automatically uploaded to computers so staff members won’t have to type them in, said Craig Perkins, city electrical inspector.
“I’ve had this tablet since about November,” Perkins said, as he gave a demonstration of the unit at the CoHo Ecovillage development site in south Corvallis last week. “There’s a little learning curve. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s made my life a little bit easier.”
He showed how the PC tablet can pull out sections of the building code and plug those directly into e-mails.
Tom Day, construction superintendent of Legend Homes, looks forward to getting e-mails instead of searching job sites for written inspection cards at 5 p.m.
“I’m building houses instead of running around,” he said.

This only makes sense, and I’m betting we’ll see more and more of this in the future.

Source: A City Goes Tablet PC


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