In Case of Emergency Prescriptions...New site that allows doctors, pharmacists and patients to enroll.   According to the site, information is only released in case of an emergency.  All 3 parties can enroll.   The data base being used is from Sure Scripts, the same data base that is used for online "free" prescribing for physicians.  BD

ICERx is a new secure on-line service that allows licensed doctors and pharmacists anywhere in the United States to help you get information about your prescription medicines. This secure online service will help your doctors and pharmacists know which drugs you have been prescribed, their doses, whether you have refills available, which doctor prescribed them, and which pharmacies have information about your prescription. If you are an evacuee from an area affected by a disaster and you need to renew your prescriptions or get a new one, please let any doctor or pharmacist know that ICERx is available for their use.

Help your patients before a disaster strikes
Registration begins June 1, 2007
For more information 1.888.ICERX.50



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