This article is actually pretty scary in the fact that a bi-polar surgeon can continue to operate with supervision, especially given the facts that he was known to not always take his medication..and the irony is the fact that he could sue for compensation for the hospital not having supervision available for him to do his job???  As a patient would this ever be disclosed to us to make a decision to allow or not allow the procedure from the surgeon??  This situation literally makes no sense in the fact that the surgeon could sue...BD

Hospital X was grossly -- if not criminally -- negligent, and you ought to award zillions of dollars in punitive damages for their misconduct! Consider this list of sins: this hospital knew that its surgeon was mentally ill. He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and they knew it. He had been locked up in mental institutions at least twice before. The danger here was very real. Don't let them try to claim they didn't foresee danger. Why, once when that surgeon was operating on a patient, multiple witnesses will tell you that he "became disoriented during the surgery, forgot the names of certain instruments and at one point appeared to be talking to the wall!" Even after he was treated, two different psychiatrists who evaluated him refused to unequivocally state that he was competent. And they let him continue to operate on vulnerable patients. Without any supervision. Even though they knew he had a history of failing to take his medication.

Source: Overlawyered: Sued if you do, sued if you don't.


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