New York City officials today will announce a $19.8 million contract with eClinicalWorks for electronic health records software systems, which will be given to city health care providers who treat low-income residents, the Boston Globe reports. The purchase is part of a plan introduced by Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) to improve information systems used for Medicaid beneficiaries, prisoners and other outpatient populations, including patients treated at community health centers (Rowland, Boston Globe, 4/16). Farzad Mostashari, an assistant city health commissioner who is overseeing the project, said, "We will cover half of all the high-volume Medicaid providers in the city, those where over 30% of their patient encounters are Medicaid or the uninsured."

Source: New York City To Provide No-Cost Electronic Health Record Technology To 'High-Volume' Providers Of Care For Medicaid And Uninsured Patients


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