That simple fact can have major effects on cost reduction, customer satisfaction and higher ROI. CIC Electronic Signature solutions enable a legally binding, compliant, paperless business process for many different industries including:

  • Healthcare—HIPAA and other privacy requirements dictate that consumer medical information be protected against access by unauthorized individuals. Electronic signature solutions from CIC can help ensure that your healthcare solutions go that last step in protecting the information in a paperless environment.
  • ePrescriptions—Fraud is rampant in the prescription marketplace. Paperless electronic solutions supported by CIC Electronic Signature solutions can make significant inroads to eliminating the problem.
  • Government procurement—Paperwork reduction is the government’s mantra. With CIC Electronic Signature solutions, secure, electronic, paperless contract processes can be a reality.
  • Materials transportation and tracking—CIC Electronic Signature solutions enable solutions that make electronic bills of lading, and material and inventory tracking secure and trustworthy.
  • Contracts management—Secure, non-repudable, paperless, electronic contracts can only be effectively implemented if electronic signatures are part of the solution.
  • Consumer purchases—the laws have changed for signatures and capturing just an image is no longer enough to insure dispute resolution of consumer transactions.

Here's an example right here in Orange County with the Planning Division implementing tablets with e-signatures.  BD

"The browserbased
system is accessible from the department’s
intranet, and clients have access via the Internet.
A key strategy of the system is to reduce or
eliminate paper and hard-copy filing systems.
Therefore, the PDSD is beginning to create and
sign documents digitally, storing them in a central
database. The technology behind the system
is Adobe Acrobat software, Adobe Portable
Document Format (PDF), Java, Java Server Pages,
CIC Sign-It for Adobe Acrobat software, and
Wacom signature tablets.
contained legal documents."



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