This sure seems like a good idea in some areas, but I have to give this some real thought..I'm not quite sure I would perhaps want folks to know if I am having a stressful day and give access to all my daily emotions, and on the other hand it could be a useful device. I guess this is all a matter of personal preference as to how much information you may need and how much information one cares to share. BD


The Exmocare Watch uses sophisticated sensors to monitor the current status of your loved one so you are always aware of their wellbeing.

The Exmocare Watch is uniquely designed to gather many physiological signals at once. Exmocare Home uses proven methods from contemporary psychophysiology to interpret these physiological signals to interpret emotions. With continuous access to physiological, emotional, and activity information, Exmocare Home is the most advanced overall personal wellness-monitoring system currently available.

At the core of Exmocare Home is the lightweight and durable Exmocare Watch. It is specially designed for your loved one with:

  1. Built-in sensors.
  2. A BluetoothTM transmitter.
  3. Rechargeable batteries (charger and batteries are included).

Source: Exmocare: About the Watch


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