Can't beat them...join them I guess....good move on the part of RIM.  BD 

Microsoft's Windows Mobile team should declare a holiday. RIM is supporting Microsoft's mobile operating system, even if by supplanting one user interface with another.

Earlier today, RIM announced support for Windows Mobile 6 devices in a surprising usurpation of Microsoft's software. The forthcoming Blackberry Application Suite will come with an application that recreates the look and feel of RIM's device software and major features.

No doubt some folks at Microsoft will balk at RIM pushing aside the Windows Mobile 6's UI, even if just temporarily, to mimic a competing product. But RIM's forthcoming software suite should also smell of sweet victory for Microsoft.

With Windows Mobile 5, Microsoft introduced corporate, RIM-like push-to-mail features from Exchange Server 2003. In early 2005, most businesses running Exchange Server had yet to move to version 2003. Two years later, there are many more Exchange Server 2003 installations, and version 2007 is available.

For all the snappy-looking Blackberries out there, many more devices run Windows Mobile software. In a change from past upgrades a number of U.S. carriers will provide Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for version 5 devices like Samsung's BlackJack. Numbers favor Microsoft, whether Exchange Server on the back end or Windows Mobile on the device.

Source: Microsoft Watch - Desktop & Mobile - RIM Around the Rosies, Pocket Full of Posies


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