This site actually relies on RSS technology to preview the latest news as forces can be easily joined to combine new and events into one convenient location, to avoid having to waste time clicking from site to site to catch up on current events and news...BD

Internet-savvy people know that RSS stands for really simple syndication. That refers to frequently updated feeds of content such as news articles.

But the acronym could just as easily stand for really smart spending. That's because so much good information about spending money and personal finance is readily available via websites, message boards and blogs.

But surfing from site to site can become tedious, especially if you want to follow information updated daily or several times a day. That's where RSS comes in. The solution can be an RSS news reader, which can aggregate headlines and summaries for all those postings in a single place.

Examples of free Web-based RSS readers are Google Reader, NewsGator, Bloglines and My Yahoo. Desktop software versions of RSS readers include the newer versions of Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Readers are included in some e-mail programs, including Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Consumer Reports ( The must-have publication for smart consumers has several RSS feeds, titled consumer news, home and appliances, electronics, cars, medical guide and safety blog.

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