Intel Motorcycle Has No Mirrors, No Dashboard

Thursday April 5, 2007 11:38 AM PDT - By: Michael Kwan

They haven't told us whether it'll be running on Windows Vista, but here is an Intel-designed motorcycle that boasts all sorts of technological goodies. It may not be as fast as the KillaCycle or even have as sexy a name, but what the Intel bike does have is a removable UMPC "that doubles as a virtual dashboard", granting you access to all your computer applications as you tear it up down the highway.
You'll also notice that this motorcycle does not have conventional mirrors. When you're going as fast as you are, I guess you have no time to look at what's behind you, but when the need arises, you can switch on over to the rear-facing cameras mounted behind you, presumably sending their feed to the UMPC between the handlebars. On this same UMPC, you can enjoy full audio and video capabilities, GPS, and a 3G data connection. Top this all off with a quad- or octo-core chipset, and you've got yourself a pretty advanced bike. Too bad it's not commercially available, to my knowledge.

Source: Intel Motorcycle Has No Mirrors, No Dashboard


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