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They surveyed 3,167 doctors from six specialisms: anesthesiology, cardiology, family practice, general surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics. The response rate was over 50 per cent.
The results showed that:

-- 94 per cent of doctors reported some type of relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.
-- 83 per cent said these relationships involved receiving food in the workplace.
-- 78 per cent said they involved receiving drug samples.
-- 35 per cent received reimbursement for costs of going to professional meetings or continuing medical education (CME).
-- 28 per cent received payments for consulting, giving lectures, or enrolling patients in trials.
-- Cardiologists were more than twice as likely to receive payments as family doctors.
-- Family doctors met with industry reps more often than did doctors in other specialisms.
-- Doctors who practised on their own or in group practices met with reps more often than those working in hospitals and clinics.

In conclusion, the researchers said these results show that:
"Relationships between physicians and industry are common and underscore the variation among such relationships according to specialty, practice type, and professional activities."

Source: Probing Doctor And Industry Ties


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