Mobility has even gone to produce better wheelchairs for the disabled...some that do stairs...I wonder if any of these will be even partially covered someday by Medicare...BD 

The road less traveled is now within your reach

The iBOT® Mobility System's powerful 4-Wheel Function is designed to provide you with a greater sense of independence, in and out of your home.

By allowing you to travel easily over uneven terrain, such as grass, sand, or gravel, as well as climb curbs up to 5 inches (127mm) high, the iBOT® Mobility System will help you perform many activities of daily living on your own. Whatever you want to do, enter or exit your home, enjoy your backyard or local park, shop for groceries, or visit friends, the iBOT® Mobility System can help you get there. The 4-Wheel Function on your INDEPENDENCE® iBOT® Mobility System lets you handle uneven terrain with ease and stability, wherever life may take you.

For those needing to move over some very rough's another alternative... BD



Source: iBOT® Mobility System: 4-Wheel Function


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