This is a great page on showing how a tablet pc can help individuals with disabilities..the keyboard was ok, but when you read this article you can clearly see how the EO UMPC from Tablet Kiosk has transitioned his experience.  Good page to bookmark.  The docking station that comes with this model is a real key here as well.  He is also using the built in web cam...BD

Dave drives an eo

Previously I have reviewed and offered my thoughts on Tablet PCs, one being a slate [Sahara Slate] and the other [Acer C200] having a keyboard with touch screen.

While the tablet experience really highlighted some advantages for myself and the way I could interact with them, the issue for me with these previous devices was primarily that they were physically too large.

[Dave driving the eo]

If you’re new to Lifekludger, you’ll not be aware that I have a disability and use a mouth-stick to operate computers, well, just about everything. For that reason, the size and physical layout of a machine is paramount over issues like speed, weight, ports, brand.

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