I don't think I'm quite ready for this yet, and neither is the dog...don't know how big of a seller this will be, but it appears to be another marketing arm in the world of pharma....BD

In field studies of approximately 600 dogs, 73 percent of dogs receiving Reconcile(TM) showed improvement in separation anxiety-related behavior within eight weeks when compared with dogs receiving behavior modification training alone. Within one week of starting Reconcile(TM) treatment and behavior modification training, 42 percent of dogs showed improvement. During trials, the most common adverse reactions to Reconcile(TM) were calm or lethargy, reduced appetite, vomiting, shaking, diarrhea, restlessness, excessive vocalization, aggression and -- in infrequent cases -- seizures.
Reconcile(TM) allows dogs to be more receptive to your training to help with anxiety

    Source: Eli Lilly And Company Introduces Reconcile(TM) For Separation Anxiety In Dogs


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