It is time to call an orthopedic surgeon. You don’t just put a cast something like this.

“Good morning, Dr. Smith. Sorry to wake you up but this is Dr. Bear at the County Hospital Emergency Department. I’ve got a 25-year-old gentleman, snowmobile versus barn, with an open mid-shaft fracture of the left femur but otherwise without significant injuries. We have him in a traction splint and his distal pulses and sensation are intact. On the way through the barn he dragged the end of his broken femur through approximately fifteen feet of cow manure and I’m afraid it was about thirty minutes before his drunken friends decided that he probably wasn’t going to walk it off.”

If you were an orthopedic surgeon, would you come in, especially as you can come up with quite a few good excuses not to?

Source: Faith, Hope, Charity, and the Jackpot Mentality : PANDA BEAR, MD


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