Good article on how even small improvements in IT make a difference, even if the big move to a full on elecronic medical records system is not perhaps yet in the picture...BD 

High-tech health care grabs headlines and the public’s imagination. Some of the buzz derives from the notion that less-invasive surgery or snazzy electronic medical records can save time and money. (But ask Kaiser Permanente about the perils of computerizing patient records.)

Forget the glitz. For many hospitals, even a dose of last century’s computer technology could go a long way toward cutting waste. Routine administrative tasks often are still done on paper. Hospitals are way behind, says Pam Matthews, director of business information systems for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, a professional association. Matthews tells the Health Blog: “This back-office stuff, you are just now seeing it becoming automated like you would in other industries and other larger businesses.”

Source: Health Blog : Hospitals Tackling Low-Tech Back Offices


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