I came across my first instance of an insurance company requiring a patient to split tablets about a month ago. One of our regulars has recently switched to a new doctor, and the doctor is adjusting doses on his various therapies. In any case, the doc prescribed citalopram 20mg qd #30, but the insurer (UnitedHealth for the win!) would only pay for citalopram 40 ½ tab qd #15.

What the hell is with that? You’re going to make a guy with acid reflux, anxiety, depression, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, BPH, and T2DM split his fricken tablets?? Are you kidding me? This guy can barely remember all the medical conditions he has, nevermind what pills he takes at what time for which condition. (There’s about 15 meds in all that he takes on a daily basis.

Source: Mandatory tablet splitting :: OnThePharm


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