This article does a good job on addressing "information over-load" which we all have today it seems in any area of our lives...BD 

Online medical information is changing the tone of GP consultations. From increased awareness of potential problems to robust - if often erroneous - self-diagnosis, a significant proportion of patients are taking Internet based medical information to the GP surgery.
Yet the majority of the information available online is at best confusing, at worst misleading, or simply being used inappropriately. In most cases, patients cannot differentiate between a sponsored link and a real study.

Combine this overload of confusing, often dangerous, information with the extraordinary rise in online pharmacies and the increasing danger of self-medication, and GPs simply cannot afford to ignore the implications of the Internet on patients.
Patients crave information. Using the Internet during a consultation offers real benefits in satisfying this need by directing patients to the right site and delivering essential confidence.

    Source: The Internet Can Seriously Damage Your Health


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