Nice story and a wonderful contribution...Betty Moore getting an insulin shot that was not for her created the movement for the donation to fill the huge need for nursing education.  Medical errors of such do cost lives and education is part of the process to eliminate or reduce.  BD

The co-founder of Intel and his wife are giving $100 million to the University of California, Davis to establish a nursing school.
The gift from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is the largest donation ever to the university and is believed to be the largest gift in the nation for nursing education.
The money will be donated over 11 years and will go to create the school at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.
Gordon Moore is co-founder and chairman emeritus of Intel, the Santa Clara-based chip maker.  He is best known for "Moore's Law," his 1965 prediction that the number of transistors on a chip should double about every two years.
Ken Moore, the couple's son, said the donation grew out of his mother's own poor care during a hospital stay.
A nurse gave her a shot of insulin that was supposed to go to the patient in the next bed.
"They nearly had two deaths out of one medical error. That was the start of her really being interested in nursing care," Ken Moore said.

Intel Co-Founder Donates $100M For Nursing School


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