IBM and the University of Florida are working on technology that lets doctors remotely monitor patient health.

You may ask yourself, how many devices do I need?  With software solutions and "middleware" applications, the goal is to be able to use a generic device, such as a cell phone to be able to transmit this information, thus the avoidance of have multiple units to transmit the information, in other words, putting your cell phone to work for things other than phone calls, some of which just might save your life someday.  BD

IBM Corp. and the University of Florida believe they've come up with middleware that will allow doctors to remotely monitor the health of their patients.

The technology makes it possible for standard wired or wireless devices like blood-pressure and glucose monitors to be reconfigured so that when used by patients at home the devices can automatically send the collected readings to health-care professionals.

IBM, University of Florida team up on smart devices -


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