This is great, the tablet right in the ambulance to enter information and send to the receiving hospital before arrival.  This year in particular tablets are really making their mark, especially in health care....but anyone can use one.   Mine goes with me to every client meeting to take notes and then some...BD

Mr Wyatt-Goody, who has trained staff to use the ePCR, said: “This technology is a breakthrough. It allows paramedics and technicians to send patient information ahead to A&E nurses via GPRS technology. When the patient arrives, A&E staff already know their medical history.”
Since June 2005, some 800 paramedics and technicians in East Anglia have been trained to use the new tablet docking system installed in 117 ambulances.
Paramedics enter data by tapping information on a screen. Updates on the patient's condition and information, such as blood pressure and ECG statistics, can also be sent to the receiving hospital.

Potentially vital clinical information about patients can be sent to hospital A&E departments using new electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) and data management software installed on ambulances.
Patient details are recorded using touch-screen technology, clearer and more accurate than written records.

Evening Star - Technology helping to save lives


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