2 Hospital organizations working with "medical tourism" in Texas...both have searches for locating hospitals in both the US and Mexico.  BD

Two North Texas-based hospital chains, Christus Health of Irving and International Hospital Corp. of Dallas, are tapping into a need and an opportunity by providing in their hospitals in Mexico what their executives say are the best of both worlds – U.S.-quality health care and relatively low Mexican prices.

"Our goal is to have the safest hospitals in the international market," said Cliff Orme, CEO of International Hospital Corp. "We're implementing U.S. standards into these hospitals so you won't notice the difference going to a hospital in Dallas than one in a Latin American country."

Some experts, including Peter Maddox of Christus Health, see Mexico as an answer to the complex question of how to treat aging and underinsured Americans at a time when the retirement of baby boomers will further tax the U.S. health care system. An estimated 43 million Americans, about 15 percent of the population, are uninsured, according to a Census Bureau study.

U.S. patients choosing Mexican hospitals for price, quality | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Nation/World

More information below: 

International Hospital Corporation (IHC) is a Texas based company that develops hospitals and clinics in Latin America.

Ranked among the top 10 Catholic health systems in the United States by size, the CHRISTUS Health system includes more than 40 hospitals and facilities in six American states and Mexico, with assets of more than $4.1 billion.


  1. It makes great sense to develop the "medical tourism" industry in Mexico.

    I've just launched www.MedTripInfo.com which is an informational site devoted to the topic of international medical travel. There is a Mexico forum http://www.medtripinfo.com/forum/12(please be brave and post one of the first comments)

    As part of my research I traveled to Singapore, a wonderful place with great hospitals, excellent hospitality and low costs. The problem: it's more than 24 hours away from my home in Boston!

    Mexico has the advantage of proximity and should make the most of it.

    David Williams

  2. Medical tourism is big business, but we still need a fix here in the US.


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