Good article about a business executive who got tired of lugging around paper and made the move to paperless!  He makes many good points here and encompasses One Note from Microsoft as part of his routine, an excellent choice as I do the very same thing and I can't tell you the time it saves in having to reference notes from a prior meeting and the convenience of having them all in one locations.  It is also nice to take notes and use the nice export to Outlook tool as well to email the notes to all attendees!  BD

DON’T ASK ME for a pen, because I might not be carrying one. That’s because I now write down all my meeting notes in a computer that understands handwriting — even mine. Read on to see how this saves countless hours a week.

I always thought this was a terrible waste of time, so when I it came time to upgrade my computer I chose a tablet PC — a machine that behaves like a regular laptop until you give the screen a twist and it turns into a computer capable of accepting handwritten input as well as pictures and diagrams.

When it comes time to enter text, a little box pops up and you just write down the information as if you were using a pen. This works for virtually any program. For e-mails and word documents, your handwriting is converted word for word into text, and it is amazing how accurate it is.

However, it is with a program called OneNote that the pen becomes mightier than the keyboard. With OneNote (an optional part of the Microsoft Office suite), the computer can interpret your writing as you go, or you can tell it to just accept anything — words, diagrams, squiggles, whatever.

I can also ask OneNote to search through my original notes for text I am looking for, just as I would do a search in Word, and it will actually find the text even though it is in my handwriting. Pretty slick!  Bottom line: If you find yourself juggling a lot of paper and you have a place to file electronic copies, you should consider going paperless, as I have,

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