DEA and Clinics still having or not legal...BD

LOS ANGELES - U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided 10 medical marijuana clinics Wednesday, the same day city leaders introduced a measure calling for an end to the federal government's crackdown on the dispensaries.

Federal officials arrested five people for investigation of marijuana distribution after serving clinics in and around the city's Hollywood area with search warrants, said DEA spokeswoman Sarah Pullen. Those arrested included clinic owners and managers, though no patients. Large quantities of marijuana and cash also were seized.

Press-Telegram - DEA raids medical pot clinics in L.A.

Bakersfield too

BAKERSFIELD - Only one medical marijuana dispensary was open Wednesday in Kern County.


  1. yea they're undermining CALIFORNIA's own choice in legalizing it. It's getting pretty ugly. First the raise the price of the ID card then they raise the price of the license. And now finally. the raids. California voters decided they wanted it legal. Not like california has any room in our prisons.

  2. Well one thing for sure, this is a situation where all continue to agree to disagree and as taxpayers we pay.


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