Stay tuned for more to follow next week....benchmarks on the page are impressive...BD 

TabletKiosk recently introduced their newest Sahara Slate PC, the i440D and guess who got their hands on one. That is right, the i440D is in the office and our model is running Vista. After spending a few hours with the i440D, I was quite impressed by how fast the wireless connection was and how responsive the pen was. Key factors to look for in a slate tablet considering it has no keyboard and probably will be lugged all over the place.

First Thoughts

There is a nice array of features on the i440D and it can be connected to a dock or you can use the included stand and connect a mouse and keyboard. Even though it is different not having a keyboard, the pen works great and is accurate. Overall the Sahara i440D seems to be a strong tablet with good battery life, but I need some more time to dive into those tests. Stay tuned next week for the complete review to come with video.

TabletKiosk Sahara i440D Slate Tablet PC First Look Review


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