Question...why was it approved if it is dangerous to diabetics?  What is the future here?  Hopefully more education on potential side effects, etc.  BD 

Patients who take Avandia, a popular but controversial diabetes medicine made by GlaxoSmithKline, are far more likely to suffer and die from heart problems than those who take Actos, a similar pill made by Takeda, according to federal drug reviewers.

Avandia is particularly dangerous to patients who also take insulin. By contrast, Actos can be taken safely with insulin, according to the review.

The findings likely spell the end of Avandia’s status as one of the nation’s most popular drugs for treating diabetics who are not dependent on insulin. Last year, more than a million patients in the United States took Avandia, and a similar number took Actos.

Avandia’s 2006 global sales were nearly $3.4 billion.

F.D.A. Review Criticizes Diabetes Drug and Maker - New York Times


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