Making a different point, Fred Horowitz, of Rockville Centre, a retired computer systems analyst, directs his criticism at Express Scripts, the mail-order pharmacy benefit manager used by his HMO, HIP-VIP. When he submitted his doctor's prescription for a 90-day supply of a drug, he should have checked the Express
Scripts formulary, because the co-pay, billed to his credit card, was a whopping $135. And despite appeals, Express Scripts refused to take the drug back (which is understandable) or give Horowitz credit.
When Horowitz inquired at a local pharmacy, the price was the same. And there was no generic equivalent. But from his doctor and a pharmacist he learned of another, much less expensive drug that would do the job.
The pharmacy benefit manager could have saved the patient and the HMO a little money by letting him know of this possibility. If you haven't done so lately, check your own prescriptions for cheaper generics or alternatives.

Saul Friedman: Notes of outrage, caution -


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