Want better handwriting recognition on your tablet?  This is worth looking at if you are using a tablet.  Pricing is not bad at $59.00 and for increased handwriting accuracy for medical terminology is worth it.  From the site, some current clients include Pfizer, the AMA, etc.  More information at the site and again, well worth a look.  BD

Spellex Tablet PC Suite allows your Tablet PC to better recognize handwritten medical terms while greatly enhancing the Microsoft Office basic English spell checker with hundreds of thousands of medical terms. Comprehensive medical spell checking and increased handwriting vocabulary can be yours in one easy-to-use software suite!

Quarterly software updates available through the Spell-X-Plus subscription service keep your medical spelling dictionary up-to-date with the newest words in medicine. No other medical Tablet PC enhancement brings you this exciting option!

Spellex Tablet PC Suite for Medical Handwriting Recognition - Tablet Medical Dictionary Enhancements


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