Scary thought here...employers fail to pay health insurance premiums and employees had no idea they had been cut off and thought their group health insurance was still in place.  BD

Attorney General Martha Coakley filed an assurance of discontinuance in Suffolk Superior Court in connection with ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc.'s termination of health insurance policies of employees whose employers failed to pay their premiums. ConnectiCare, a Connecticut-based health insurer that has 5,678 Massachusetts members, violated state law by failing to provide 202 groups with notice that their employers' group health plan was terminated due to the non-payment of premiums by their employers.

"Through no fault of their own, these employees had no way of knowing that their employers had failed to send the premiums that had been withheld from their paychecks to ConnectiCare."
Under a regulation issued by the Attorney General's Office, insurers must notify employees in writing that their employers have failed to pay for their health insurance before cutting them off.

Insurer Agrees To Pay 200,000 Dollars In Restitution; Pay Claims After Terminating Coverage After Employers Failed To Pay Premiums


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