(July 28, 2007) — Rochester has been selected as one of 12 cities to be part of By the People, a national conversation about health care cost, access and quality, and local residents may be getting a phone call about this soon.
Beginning August 4 MacNeil/Lehrer Productions will be telephoning people in the Rochester area to invite them to be part of a program called Dialogues in Democracy: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
The program, which is being co-sponsored by the Voice of the Voter, a media collaboration between the Democrat and Chronicle, WXXI-TV, WDKX radio and WHAM TV-13, will beheld Oct. 20, 2007 Rochester Institute of Technology.

Democrat & Chronicle: Local News

Perhaps a blog like this one dealing with broadband would be helpful with health issues as well.  Nice to see congress value blogging as a reference for legislation.  BD

OpenLeft.com, a blog focused on liberal issues, has been hosting a wide-ranging discussion on broadband policy since Tuesday. Senator Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat and assistant majority leader in the Senate, has joined the discussion, saying he'll use the ideas from OpenLeft to craft broadband legislation.



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