More potential joy on it's way to your inbox...good article to read and be aware of the latest scam.  BD

WASHINGTON - The federal agency charged with protecting consumers from Internet scams now finds itself wrapped up in one.

Identity thieves have sent thousands of bogus e-mails purporting to be from the Federal Trade Commission — as well as the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department — in an attempt to trick consumers into divulging personal financial information.

The agencies are the latest institutions to be exploited in "phishing" scams, long the bane of large banks and credit card issuers.

Analysts who track online crime say that while financial institutions are still the most commonly hijacked brands, the use of federal agencies in the hoaxes is increasing and reflects criminals' desire to take advantage of the familiarity and authority of various government departments.

Government warns public on fake e-mails - Yahoo! News


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