Quite a story...and she didn't have scabies after all...big lawsuit for a potential case of scabies...BD

An employee of Fox 21/27 who claims she was humiliated by false accusations that she had scabies — and who says she had to lift her shirt in front of station officials to show a rash on her stomach — is suing the station’s owner, two former managers and on-air medical adviser "Dr. Dave" for $12.2 million.
Mary King, who works with contracts for WFXR/WWCW, says in a lawsuit filed Monday in Roanoke Circuit Court that her troubles began when the Roanoke television station suffered an infestation of mites last fall.

As King’s co-workers filed past, Durham began demonstrating how she should apply a cream he was prescribing by rubbing it all over her body, saying that while it was "okay to get it in your pubic hair, don’t get it inside you" and motioning between his legs, the lawsuit says.
King began screaming that she did not have scabies, and Seffens and Durham shouted that she did, the lawsuit says.
Before she left the office that afternoon, other employees began asking why she had exposed them to the mites, the lawsuit says.

Employee sues Fox 21/27 over allegations of scabies infection - Roanoke.com


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