More about information reporting...Tenet looks to be on top of things with utilizing technology as well.  Combining whiteboards with tablet PCs can have some real outstanding results with conveying information as the tablets can be the mobile units available to staff to quickly provide the updates, no matter where the physician or staff member may be on the floor of the hospital allowing for "real time' updates.  BD 

Much discussion about pay-for-performance has focused on how hospitals measure up against one another clinically, and how the dollars may be divvied up accordingly. So far there has been less emphasis on how patients perceive their hospital care and how the public reporting of that data may drive quality improvement and eventually hospital revenue.
That's about to change.

In addition, Tenet is in the process of putting white boards in patient rooms in all of its hospitals with key information for patients and their families about their treatment, phone numbers they can call for help and departure dates. HCAHPS can provide hospitals with an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, said Jacob Kupietzky, Tenet's vice president of operations excellence. "It's a way to showcase all the wonderful services they provide to patients," he said.

California hospitals are already getting a taste of HCAHPS accountability. Some 209 hospitals representing about 70% of the states' admissions have volunteered to submit data on quality, safety and patient experience that incorporate the HCAHPS survey with other clinical quality measures.

Hospitals are required to survey all patients eligible for HCAHPS, and the CMS is asking that they aim for at least 300 surveys completed per year.

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