NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - All charges against a doctor accused of murdering four patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have been dropped, a spokesman for the state prosecutors office said on Tuesday.

A grand jury in New Orleans decided not to pursue charges against Anna Pou, who was arrested along with two nurses from Memorial Medical Center on second-degree murder charges in June 2006.

Murder charges dropped against Katrina doctor | U.S. | Reuters


  1. I have been a nurse for 30 years, many years of that in trauma and critical care. I know what it is like to watch helpless patients suffer and have tried to imagine what the patients, nurses and physicians endured. No matter how hard I try, I can not conjure a picture. No one should judge these people who stayed behind to care for patients. And the families who are so angry should have taken their family member out of harms way EARLY no matter the cost. Instead they left behind a very ill famliy member to endure suffering in horrific conditions, and now these living relatives have the gall to judge those who stayed behind to care and provide the only comfort available? How dare they judge those who care for patients in the unimaginable horror of New Orleans hospitals during and after Katrina. Bless those nurses and physicians and others who stayed behind at their own peril. They should be given Congressional Medals, not sued or tried in court.

  2. I agree, sad that the good doctor had to go through all of this.


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